Nuer Elders contest election of Hoth as new chairman

By Viola Matela

The SPLM-IO-In Government, Nuer Council of Elders has contested the election of James Hoth Mai, the former Chief of Staff of the army as Chairman of the Nuer Community.

In an election held in Juba last Saturday, Hoth is reported in some media to have won with an overwhelming majority of 67 out 82 votes defeating Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Timothy Tot Chuol who only got 15 ballots.

However in a press statement to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Council cited that only 120 members cannot elect a chairman.

“Candidates that are legible to elect a Nuer Chairman must be elected by over 1,500 members brought by the four Nuer section communities,” Lt. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang, said on behalf of the SPLM-IO in Government on behalf  of the Council of Elders.

The statement further alleged that the election of the Nuer chairman held over the weekend was not recognized and its activities shall not be binding to the entire community except for those who voted the new leader.

As a way forward, the council suggested that the election be put on hold until final peace is realized in the country.

“Election should be put on hold until final peace is brought, we don’t encourage short cut elections that do not represent the entire Nuer community which is marred with different questions of its eligibility,” Gatkuoth added.



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