NRA urges humanitarian agencies to apply for tax exemptions

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The United Nations’ agencies operating in South Sudan and other International Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the country have been urged to apply for tax exemptions

Dr. Olympio Attipoe, Commissioner General of National Revenue Authority (NRA) said all humanitarian agencies supporting government programs needed tax exemption.

He said these are legal issues which had been signed between those countries and the government of South Sudan.

Dr. Attipoe said for the last three months his office has been taking over the exception as part of legal mandate.

“To make work very conducive especially for international NGOs we are working very hard to make sure the process become effective,” he said.

He called on the humanitarian agencies to submit their files to the NRA as soon as possible, saying the process is free and fast.

“What we expected from you is that when your cargo is still in Mombasa you must ensure that it is marked exempted before reaching Nimule,” Dr. Attipoe explained.

The NRA commissioner General said, “We have to be careful because some of our goods are not being supplied so we are very particular about those goods.”

“Any items meant for government institutions, you have to apply for exemption. We will not allow any supplier or any individual company that brings items because the items you bring is for government use,” Dr. Attipoe said.

He said any private company or business firm delivering service to government should not abuse the exemption by making profits.

However, Dr. Attipoe revealed that for over three years there had been miss conception of the UN agencies being exempted from paying taxes.

“All civil constructors working with the UN are under obligation to pay taxes including the income tax,” he said.

He said out of the 18 UN agencies operating in the country; only five have complied with the income taxes.


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