NRA trains officers to boost tax collection

By Opio Jackson

At least twenty-five officers have been trained by the National Revenue Authority (NRA) to boost tax collection.

Among those trained were 16 auditors and 9 researchers.

Erjok Bullen Geu, acting Commission General of National Revenue Authority said in house training was very effective to promote the capacity of the staff.

“It is very effective when it is conducted very well but the most important thing is the coordination among yourselves.  If you don’t coordinate even when you are trained the whole year it will be meaningless,” he said.

Geu said despite having experienced staff it will not stop them from acquiring more trainings.

The NRA boss said he was hundred percent optimistic that if they continue to building the capacity of the staff the result will be good.

He said after the internal training, the NRA plans to send its staff to neighboring countries for more trainings.

He advised the officers to work as a team, saying no human being can work in isolation.

Geu stressed that tax auditor are very important to the revenue authority, saying it helps them to track some internal issues as well as to plan for the future.

He urged the officers to put the knowledge they acquired into practices once they go back to their offices.

“You should not keep this knowledge for yourself, you have to utilize it and let the world realize the potential in you,” he said.

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