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NPC two days’ workshop ended

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The National Press Club South Sudan (NPCSS} two days’ workshop ended yesterday. During the discussions on the second day, participants came out with recommendations and plan of actions to reduce challenges facing women in South Sudan. The recommendations were not only for female journalists, they were for all women who are working in media and government offices.

At the end of the day it remained women’s problems affecting them in several institutions. It was said that enlightenment programme should be done to advocate for the rights of women in the families and place of work.

Nevertheless, women were being betrayed in families and places of work, which had brought them down emotionally.  There was need to map out women’sconditions in the country and carry out investigation on what was happening to them in their places of work and families.

On the other hand, women should fight against tradition norms and cultures that affected them in the families and work places.

They should eliminate out bad cultures to give rooms for women progress in government institutions, media industry and private sectors.

Women should be recognized in what they did well in appreciations. It could be at the family levels by their husbands, relatives both in the side of the husbands and wives. Many women participated in the peace deal but were not considered for doing great job in the country. Many of them had lifted this country up, but there were no recognition for them.

 Anything good only men are considered but not efforts by women participation although most of the work are done by them. It was suggested that in any Ministry, let there be gender desk to tackle women affairs beside the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare. This could be implemented in national and states levels in the country.

Women should be recruited in all government institutions and private sectors around the country. Theymust come together and discuss challenges facing them from time to time so that they could get solutions by themselves.

Therefore, it was recommended that monitoring and evaluation committee would be formed to see working conditions of women in media houses. This is one of the plans of action to be implemented immediately.

May God bless us all.

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