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NPC organized get together for journalists

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On the 14th of this month, 2021, National Press Club (NPC} South Sudan organized get together a ceremony for journalists and donors that support media activities in the country. The objective of the NPC South Sudan is to bring journalists and media practitioners together for professional development. The ceremony was a kind of informal gathering for knowing one another and socializing with other partners.

 To share policies, experiences with other journalists.  The gathering was to mark the end of the year and the beginning of Christmas celebrations.

However, the ceremony also marked the first anniversary of NPC in the country. During the opening remark, it was said that within this period of one year, the members of the NPC had achievements and challenges. They managed to organize workshops that built the capacity of journalists in the country. Participated in organizing International events like International Day to End Impunity (IDEI} against journalists in South Sudan.  

The challenges were the lack of adequate training to build the capacity of journalists around the country. They hope next year, they will do better to achieve their objective as an organization for media development in the country.

They expect to do more in the area of developing the capacity of journalists in the country. Nevertheless, it was said that journalists should cooperate and unite for common goals. The unity among them will build trust and fight the challenges facing them. No 1 Citizen newspapers were closed down, I hope the authorities concerned in the country will re-open it so that they work for the good fare of this country.

We need to have more media houses coming up than reducing the existing numbers.

National Press Club South Sudan, is a non-profit and non – governmental media organization, serving as a platform where both the National and International journalists operate in South Sudan.

During the gathering, David Renz, U.S Embassy, Public Affairs office in Juba, South Sudan presented a document on freedom of expression given an example of the United States of American expected to be observed in other countries like South Sudan. He said freedom of expression is the bedrock on which enduring nations are built.   The most durable governments in the world derive their power and authority from the consent of the people they govern.

Therefore, many good things were said to develop media and journalists in the country.

May God bless us all.

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