Editorial 27th June 2018

It is signed making a new chapter in the history of Peace for the country. President Salva Kiir and his arch-rival Riek Machar signed a peace deal in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum which is aimed at ending the over four years’ conflict. The walk to achieving this significant milestone is to be credited on the willingness and commitments indicated by all inclusive during the journey which has taken the parties’ time to resolve and come up with the inked document. Although the detailed information of the entire agreement is yet to come out in full, one thing is however, clear. There must be peace in the country. All indicators are for the new path to be taken to move the country forward. There is nothing which can be good than peace anywhere in the world. Ceasefire in all its form and hostilities are to be left behind and all inclusive work with trust and honest heart towards uplifting the standard of everyone who has been hit below the belt with the current economic situation. Both Kiir and Machar assured the country and the world that they were committed to honour the agreement. This is what the general population has been waiting for. Likewise investors who were hit by the conflict and economic recession would consider coming back and continue being involved in the socio-economic development. This and other plus would also go to the regional and continental bodies, IGAD and AU. They have played a major role in ensuring the search for peace succeeded. But more, the commitment of South Sudanese themselves overshadows all because it was them who worked around the clock to ensure the signing of this agreement became a reality. What remains now is to work jointly without suspicion amongst one another to the success and implementation of the agreement to the latter. It is the only way out.

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