November 12th cannot wait for everybody – Baskosoro

By Kitab A Unango
The notion of getting everyone on board to form the coalition government is unrealistic as deemed by others, said Joseph Bakosoro, leader of South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC).
Bakosoro said the November 12th deadline should be met to retain public trust and elevate the suffering of South Sudanese.
“The idea that everybody must be on board for the government to be formed is an illusion. Even if they come today, whoever is outside there, another group will come up and conflict will continue,” Bakosoro said.
“That is why I am of the view that let the government be formed so that we do not lose the trust of our constituencies,” he said.
It is less than two weeks for the extended Pre-transitional period to elapse.
Opposition leaders including Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol earlier called for delay of the formation of the Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity citing incomplete security arrangements.
Bakosoro said the more people wait for the situation to become 100 percent, the more people will continue to suffer.
He was speaking during the political parties’ conference in Juba organized by the National Dialogue.
“In any country you cannot have 100 percent situation stabilized in order to run the government, even in big economic countries. My concern is the citizens, they are tired,” Bakosoro said.
“It is just a matter of moving the country forward and those who have bad intentions will come and joint later,” Bakosoro said.

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