Nourish your soul

By: Akol Arop Akol

As you live in evil, selfish and expensive world where everything is commercial, you may not afford to get all needs daily and live a happy life.

Your eyes need to see good things. Your heart, brain and stomach all need different things. Thus, life may not be easy for you. You may get some and miss the rest.

Therefore, this is why you see people who are famous, powerful and wealthy still facing some challenges. Most of them are not happy and also lack inner peace.

This is because physical, material, emotional and spiritual needs are different. One may not live without them for too much expectation puts you in ruin.

Peace, love and food are the major needs that every human cannot live without. We have seen without food, there is malnutrition and death; and in absence of love and peace there is conflict or wars which kill and force people off their settlement. 

You have come across vulnerable people living miserably day and night. They have no peace in their lives because of being displaced, hungry and fearing insecurity in their environment.

Others have no problem but their greediness complicate their daily lives. It is not that rare; human beings all have personal issues that make them grieve.

Some things you don’t expect will come surprisingly and put a punch on you. In this world you are fighting with many different enemies, where some are physical and others are invisible. Do you feel hated, isolated and rejected by some people?

I say, another human is not your enemy, but there is something in them that triggers their actions.

It is Satan that makes them evil. It comes and to use them through different ways. And you will be attacked either in form of another human or things that you use.

The characteristic of worry, fear and anger are caused by evil. That is why your mind is always fighting with thoughts and evil imaginations.

But by the grace of God you will always successfully walk on the path to life. He will keep and protect you from all attacks of devil.

Therefore, make sure He is there in what you plan. Resist the temptation, repent when tempted, refrain when forgiven and never go back to darkness.

The things you feel using your sense –organs, things you desire from your heart and things your soul needs are not the same. Let them not attack you to live sinfully.

Allow God to guard your soul from being hurt. The lasts for Earth materials would only kill the divine relationship with God.

So, do not let people take you away from God’s way. Let money not influence and take your attention. No matter what they shall bring to you, do not be lured into darkness. Your life is bigger than everything.

Let your soul belong to Holy Spirit because at the end of the World, it is the Soul which is in form of Spirit that will ascend to heaven.

Your Hummers and V8s, Tall buildings (Amarat), ranks and positions, money and documents etc. will all remain on Earth.

Therefore, while struggling with life, don’t forget to ask God for forgiveness, protection and blessing. Whatever you do can be successful if you have faith to always say a prayer. Though you are poor physically, let your soul be rich spiritually.

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