Notorious criminal hands his gun to SSPDF

By Wek Atak Kacjang

A notorious criminal called   Kawaja Jok has surrendered his gun to SSPDF yesterday in Lakes State.

Jok handed over his gun to the Local Chief in the area of Aluakluak Payam following the order issued by the State Governor, Makur Kulang recently.

The handover of the guns by the community would be supervised by the local chief and SSPDF.

While handing over the gun, Jok revealed that he realized that he was doing some wrong to his own people.

“I respect the chief that is why I surrendered my gun to the chiefs. I am going to use traditional weapon like spear to protect myself instead of using a gun among civil population,” Jok said.

Jok appealed to his colleagues to hand their firearms to the authority in their respective area.

The Community Chief of Aluakluak Payam,  Kon Mayor said the disarmament campaigns have been an advantage in all the area as well as neighboring States taking the opportunity to attack and raid areas that have recently been disarmed.

“So far the disarmament campaign in Lakes State which begun yesterday is moving peacefully despite dissatisfaction among some youth groups. Also we request our neighboring States to have the same disarmament like what is happening to us,” Mayor said.

Jok was allegedly known as a notorious criminal for cattle raiding and killing people. Jok also was known for allegedly disturbing the peace of people in Lakes state and its neighboring State Warrap.


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