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Lars Andersen Norwegian, Ambassador to South Sudan (Photo: Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone 

The Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan has expressed hope for formation of a unity government following what he termed “cooperation” between parties to the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Monday, Ambassador Lars Andersen stated that parties were making some tangible progress on the ground to make sure the peace deal is implemented in time.

“The parties are cooperating and making some progress because through CTSAMM, they established some access, and humanitarian access has improved as well as a lot of things are coming better that makes this process sustainable but to do that we need to keep on going forward because there is a lot of time to go,” said Amb. Andersen.

“We are really seeing some tangible progress on the ground, the political violence was much in a couple of years ago but at least we are seeing some progress,” he added.

He continued that, “They have agreed on six months extension, we are urging the parties to spend that time well to develop a detail specific plan for particular security sector formed in order to achieve what they have agreed on so that they can form the government in November. We hope it will be achievable but it is up to the parties,” he added.

Amb. Andersen emphasized that it was up to the parties to decide what is realistic for the pre-transitional period because forming a national army and reorganizing the security sector would take long.

He however said they hope that by November, the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity is formed so that South Sudan can move towards elections in 2022.

The Norwegian envoy said the government should protect the 100 million USD it had promised for the peace process, to show that there is political will to save South Sudan.

He said his government and other key development partners were working hard to support the peace process not only politically but also financially.

“Norway for the last for years is now concluding the program with UNDP in providing 28 million dollars in providing capacity building programs for key government functions such as customs, Ministry of Finance in providing public financial management. We believe that will be the new way of development of formation of a new government,” he said.

Andersen revealed that they were also lining up as a donor community in providing new donation to UNMISS and extending support to CTSAMM in order to monitor the peace process.


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