No Zimbabwean certs for S.Sudanese students

By Bullen Bala Alexander

South Sudanese student who graduated from Zimbabwe on government scholarships returned home without certificates.

Yesterday, ten out of the seventy students landed at Juba International Airport after they were given free tickets by the government.

Moses Kat Monyjok, the president of South Sudanese Students Union in Zimbabwe (SSSUZ) said although they were allowed to graduate, they returned home with transcripts or certificates.

He said government has unpaid arrears of US 1.5million to the Government of Zimbabwe.

“What the Zimbabweans did was to cooperate with us in a way that they allowed us to graduate but they did not give us the transcripts or certificates meaning that we came without our documents.”

He appealed to the government to work hard with Zimbabwean government in order to solve the outstanding issues so that they get their certificates.

Monyjok said it was not the students in Zimbabwe but all other students on government scholarship abroad were facing similar problems.

“Those problems facing students in other countries need to be solved before it reaches to the level of Zimbabwe case. The one of Zimbabwe was a bit critical because it was the government of South Sudan is paying for the tuition fees and accommodations and everything which is different from the rest of the country where government pays only some parts,” he explained.

Director General for Admission at the Ministry of Higher Education, Job Akuei Alith, received the students at Juba International airport yesterday.

Alith praised the Government of Zimbabwe for patience and the South Sudan Ministry of Finance for providing the students with air tickets.

“We are very thankful to the Zimbabwean government because they have been patient to us. We also thank the parents of the students and also the government of South Sudan,” he said.

However, Alith urged the students to work hard and contribute to the development of the country.

He said there were over 70 students on government scholarship who graduated from Zimbabwe, saying the government would ensure all of them were transported back home.

The Minister of Petroleum and the Governor of Central Bank are tasked to facilitate the transportation of the students from Zimbabwe back home.

The Zimbabwe scholarship was initiated by the government through the former Minister of Education Dr.  John Gai Yoh in 2014.

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