No war anymore

By Akol Arop Akol


I am writing this poem for you Mr War
I want to say I don’t want you anymore
you have killed many young ones and old
I am tired of stories that you left to be told

Without you, I took my animals to graze

But you came and burned the green place

I hate your devil heart and strange red face

Because you brought fear, pain and maze

I will always remember your destructive gun
because it stared and made us fearfully run
you only like to kill people but don’t care

This is why life is becoming badly unfair

But lastly of all, I wrote this poem to say go away
I want to live a life without your company today
I am tired of suffering making me live like in prison
I want my right to live in peace and freedom

For you are a mad destructive enemy
so I am chasing you not to be around me

I am writing this poem to say goodbye
without you I will live and joyfully fly

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