No to corruption

By: James Waya

Corruption is one of the most concerning phenomena for societies across the globe. Tapping on the territory of the so-called “democratic” society, this virus holds back the society not allowing it to take the train of democratic and human development.

Before analysing this topic, it sounds reasonable to give a definition of corruption, as a starting point to tackle the problem. The widely accepted definition of corruption is “abuse of duty for personal gain (corruption in the broad sense). As a narrower definition, corruption can be defined as “any misconduct of officials or responsible persons of legal entities and any activity of initiators/beneficiaries of such behaviour, committed in response to a service directly or indirectly promised, offered, demanded, accepted or expected to get for oneself or for another person.” In a transition country, besides obstacles to economic and political development, corruption is contributing to the under-development of social emancipation. It is important to understand better this definition, because its understanding can be overlooked and be deformed and take other forms, because there is a public tendency to include in the concept “corruption” even phenomena that are not such. Analysis of this behaviour by society towards this problem must consider some situations that lead to another issue: “How dependent are we from corruption?” This means that often we are its victims or initiators? Based on what we so called liberation struggles, claiming to reward ourself because of our struggle then. This is bullshit, when judging the two parties involved in a corruption transaction, South Sudanese are more tolerant towards the “givers” rather than “takers” of bribes.

A student who gives a gift to the teacher with the hope of getting a better grade is either not corrupt (35.4%) or justified (34.7%). Also a mother who pays 500 to avoid the queue for obtaining a certificate for her children is seen as not corrupt (26.3%) or largely justified (43.4%). These statistics lead to a non-satisfactory conclusion, i.e. a considerable part of society is in favour of corruption, consciously or not. The majority who are victims of corruption remain indifferent, refusing to give a solution to this problem as old as mankind itself. The main reason why this phenomenon is so widespread in society is that, The GOD of heavens and earth is not first in our life, we put our interests first, and that’s why we’re crying day and night longing for peace. It wouldn’t happen, unless God occupied position one in our life and in everything we do. The right position where God functions is position one, but if you remove Him from that position, He will not save you.

And causes have not been eliminated completely, despite developments over time. Unemployment is high, whereas the government tries to reduce unemployment by generating new jobs in the services sector / public sector. Employees have low salaries and the majority may be considered to live under poverty line. Civil society and the media are underdeveloped or weak and State institutions lack the transparency. It’s South Sudan where the Government has become source of getting wealth, it’s a territory of the giants corrupted leaders, whose salaries is only 3000 SSP per month, the highest paid get 15000 SSP per month, but just after a couple of months later, you see them driving the most expensive cars and building towers, sleeping in the expensive hotels while they have their own homes. They always hope to get donation from other countries, they had become Universal Recipients.

These coupled with other reasons ensure the continuation of corruption.

This analysis brings us to the conclusion that we should not expect that this phenomenon disappears from governments with their electoral platforms or policy, but the result can be achieved by joint action by the government and the citizens; citizens must take on a bigger role themselves to abide by the rules and obligations, and demand remedy action when their rights are violated. The first step to creating a healthy society is to increase the level of collective awareness on the causes and consequences of corruption in society.

It is also indispensable that the government contributes by increasing transparency towards citizens and that initiators of corruption are punished, but the same people who’re too corrupt are the very people promoted, while the right figures are forgotten, there’s something wrong with our thinking. So that an economic stability could be achieved. So the main step for the reduction of this phenomenon is the correct enforcement of legislation by everyone; this will push also the economic, political and social development and integration of our country in the region and beyond. Its South Sudan where citizens have no right to express their concerns, there’s No an equal rights. The judicial system is also being threatened as well as youth, if they said the truth; an unknown-gun-man is at the door. We’re blessed to have a good, emotional and kindhearted President Salva Kiir Mayardit, but his wrong elements are the disease to this nation. Because they don’t do what they have been told by the President.

It’s a chamber where most of the people has become enemies of the truth, they don’t want to do the right things, their enemies are those who do the truths, They are enjoying eating their sweet, This sweet become bitter when they are in the belly. The corrupt the more their life span is. That’s why most of them don’t reach 80s or even 90 years, not even 70s. But people in the village have more years.

They don’t mind about the future generations, People of hand-to-mouth mission. The history will never forget about them, they don’t fear God who provides all things, Is it because of false religious teaching? And if so, then all should focus on preaching the right message from scriptures, both Christians and Muslims. I have seen most of the denomination preaching the right words of the Most High God. I always see Seventh-day Adventists preaching the right message of God yearly. They preach about the second advent as their implies. They took three angels message in REVELATION 14, as their thematic mission, (Then I saw another angel flying in the midair, he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on earth-to every nation, tribe, language and people. He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgement has come. Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water”. (Verse 6-7).

Here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this are the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it’s good or evil (ECCLESIASTES 12:13-14).

It’s the right message to be spread, yes, an enemy of the truth and his agents may reacts, because it has become their profession. But God is more powerful; He will let His message Go-beyond.

Therefore indifference is not the answer! Our task as individuals is to contribute in the prosperity of our country, achieving a higher level of welfare and a healthier future for the generations to follow. To conclude, the nation is not yours, the knowledge is not yours and, the wealth you’ve is not your own, all belongs to the future generations what you need is to pass it on.

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