Editorial 11th June 2018

There is no room in a civilized society where act of rape is condoned and perpetrators let loose to continue living among the innocent. There must be punishment for them and their likes. The department of human rights at the UNMISS has come out with a shocking figure of over 100 rape cases reported in Leer by the soldiers, a case which has been denied by the SPLA high command in Juba. It is not denial or acceptance that is important in this case it is the truth. Who is telling the country the truth? The UNMISS report or the SPLA denial. One ugly face which is contained in the report is the case of an alleged six year old girl who was allegedly raped by about eight soldiers which is sending a chilling spine in the cord of parents. One stands to question how eight adults could shamelessly rape a six year old child. This only raises the authenticity of the UNMISS reports. It is hard to believe as the true version and need more expounding which would make many believe the SPLA reaction to the connotation of the whole report and the fact there in. People who come out with such reports at this time when peace was being nurtured would be doing this country a great favour if they could actually report the truth. One wonders where the report particularly, of the young girl came from because all would agree that if it is true then she did not survive the ordeal and would be long gone to narrate her nasty experience in the hands of the rapists. Rape is an offence punishable accordingly with the laws of this country and past records can attest to that. Is it true that there were or are soldiers out there who are still smearing the name of the army with mud? Then the laws should deal with them accordingly.

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