The plan of action to demolish improperly placed buildings and road reserves in Juba City which was being carried out by former mayor Kalisto Lado was having the blessing of both the State and the National Government as the picture came out on Wednesday during the swearing in of the new man at City Hall. The new Mayor supported by the Governor of Central Equatoria, promised to carry on with his predecessor’s work and do even more to bring sanity to the capital city. Those who might have celebrated and ululated over the sacking of the former mayor should live to understand that such major operations in any institution, particularly, those falling under public dockets cannot be carried out without fully mandated and authorized accordingly. Mayor Kalisto might have ran so fast instead of choosing his steps on the right path to reach on the other side, but the work he was doing was properly sectioned by the authority, the more reason(s) why the new man coming in the top seat, Michael Lado Thomas blatantly promised to carry out the demolition and other activities which were geared to restore order and hope to the city residents who were facing moribund of de-service problems. This is how it should be those who thought the exercise was gone and would revert back doing what was out of the city bylaw were day dreaming because the law remained and would be used to restore order by the council and other public organs. Truly the residents of Juba have been patient enough with heaps of garbage, stagnant water, mostly, flowing over sewage system. To succeed the mayor needs the support and cooperation from members of the public who are properly place to see and identify priorities for service delivery. The mayor should equally take firm stand against council officers who are harassing small traders in the name of imagined taxes.

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