No preaching today, says Archbishop Loro

By: Anna Nimiriano

The former Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba Paulino Lukudu Loro said there was no preaching on Christmas Day. What would be said were Christmas messages to the people of South Sudan. He said this statement on 25th of December, 2019 when he was celebrating mass at Saint Theresa Cathedral Kator. His Grace Loro continued to say that all Christians in the church were sinners; they need to ask forgiveness from God for what they had done.  “All of us are sinners, including me (Archbishop Loro), I am asking Bishop Santo Pio , the Axillary Bishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Juba  to pray for me , if I  did bad let God forgive him.  Next would be President Salva Kiir and at the end to all of you who gathered in the church today to ask forgiveness from God.”

He further said we want to ask God to forgive us for what we had done against His will in the church and in the country at large.

The Bishop went on to say that, on 12th of December, 2019, the Vatican appointed Bishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla for the position of Archbishop of Catholic Diocese of Juba.  When the position was announced, there was confusion at the Archdiocese of Juba among Priests and Bishops. Archbishop Loro said the announcement was made when he was in Terekeka for pastoral visit. He said for him it was okay because he has reached 75 years, it was the year for him to retire in the position of Archbishop.  What has happened among people was a normal situation, now it was resolved. Priests and Bishops welcomed Bishop Mulla to hold the position.

Archbishop Loro said after the appointment of Bishop Mulla, the administration of Catholic Archdiocese of Juba was vacant. There was no body to act as an administrator in the Archdiocese of Juba; however, due to that situation, the Vatican has appointed him Apostolic Administrator for Archdiocese of Juba.” We need Bishop Mulla to come and take over so that the work of church can move. My position is only administration not Archbishop.” Based on the above mentioned information, Archbishop Loro said if we ask God with our whole hearts, He will forgive us. He added.

We need to live a new life and open a new chapter with the joy of Christmas,” I am happy because I have confessed my sins; I want you to do the same. “If there is any problem in the church, let it come from me not from any person.” Let us begin a New Year with new things, with the Grace of God and peace. Peace that comes from God Archbishop Loro explained.

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