No power blackout in Juba – JEDCO

By John Agok                                                             

No shut down of Ezra Power Plant, a last-minute solution has been found as South Sudanese government and Ezra Construction and Development Group (ECDG) finally agreed to keep Juba Power Plant operational.

In a press release to media seen by Juba Monitor, following this latest intervention, the JEDCO will not disrupt any of its services and will continue to provide all its customers with a safe and reliable electricity supply.

Government, Ezra and JEDCO assure all the citizens that they are dedicated to help develop the country to benefit all who live here.

Meanwhile, an inside official privy to the meeting indicated that the Central Bank of South Sudan will be paying 3 million US Dollars in exchange to SSP in a bid to solve issue of scarcity of hard currency in providing electricity services to Juba city regularly.

This is the good news to our esteemed customers as well as the Juba electricity consumers after a shocking warning that Electricity Company to shut down its service slated for12 January 2021.

However, the very meeting between company and Central Bank was heavily debated on paying the company 5 million US Dollars but later compromised and agreed on 3 million US Dollars every month.

According to the company, as per the Power Purchase Agreement signed between ECDG and the Ministry of Energy and Dams (MED) the Ezra Construction and Development Group (ECDG) that constructed a power plant last year in November invited president Kiir to launch the project prior to their recent notification statement on the shutdown of electricity. It becomes a spotlight to all, why a sudden blackout in less than three months.

80% of business people are using diesel-powered generators while others are using cheap kerosene to light up their homes.

Ezra group is supposed to get paid in hard currency by Central Bank on the fifth of every month to continue supplying bulk energy without complaining of the exchange rates of currency.

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