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No “Police form 8” for Gender Based Violence Survivors -Gov’t

Dr. Mary Otieno, Dr Riak Gai Kok and Isaac Cleto Hassan (R) photo by Kidega Livingstone):

By Kidega Livingstone

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and United Nations Population Fund have scrapped the mandatory police form eight for medical treatment of survivors of gender based violence.

The “police form 8” was required in cases of injuries arising out of any criminal act including sexual assault, gender based violence, traffic accidents and other type of criminal assaults that were being filled as a precondition for medical treatment while at the same time, some police personnel were charging money for providing the forms.

Speaking to Journalists, the Minister of Health Dr. Riak Gai Kok said that the declaration showed that South Sudanese had realized their own responsibilities by giving the Ministry of health the task to decide for the survivors following the order from the Ministry of Interior.

“In short from today (yesterday) it is clear that police form eight is not required before medical treatment. Secondly police form eight doesn’t require a fee to be completed by the officers. All basic services are free of charge,” said Dr Gai.

“Need for confidentiality and sensitivity. Police form eight (8) is only completed if a survivor chooses to report her case to police and later to court,” he added.

He warned health personnel in the Country not to ask for the form from the public when attending to them.

He said that the ministerial order had taken time to be effected due to some uncontrolled logistics, but United Nations Population Fund had been able to remind the Ministry on the issue.

“The Ministry of Interior issued ministerial order two years ago through the former Inspector General of Police. We delayed in responding immediately but with the coming of my sister (UNPFA Country Representative) she reminded us of the importance of the issue of the form,” he said.

In his part, United Nations Population Fund Country Representative Dr. Mary Otieno said that gender based violence was human rights violence.

“In case the victim is your relative and she went to the hospital for medical, she is told not to come back with form eight and the process is long while the time is going and in the process the victim may have acquired HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Mary asked.

“There is no need to deny services to the people who are injured, we never do that but why do we do that for women or children or men who have been sexually violated, it doesn’t make sense at all,” she added.

Meanwhile Dr. Anthony Lupai a Medical Consultant said that it had taken long to get the directive from the Ministry of Interior on the issue of the form.

“It has become a problem for the last two years that some women really don’t get the treatment they want because of the fear of this form number eight,” said Dr. Lupai.






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