Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Just as the saying goes that “there is no permanent enemy in politics” Indeed there should be no permanent enemy anywhere in life. I remember somewhere, one Patrick Lumumba Otieno (PLO) once said “ you don’t hit a mosquito with a hammer” when addressing the public and one Miguna Miguna, while talking to Jeff Koinange in Washinton DC brought to my attention some new words which l would like to share with you. “Abracadabra” at first l thought it was coined from the mars, but somehow l found out that it was an English word. Why do l equate and compare the two gentlemen who are both goes by the title of learned friends. Both tried their hands somewhere in one of the neighbouring country. They did not or have not succeeded in their quest for political seats but have met the wrath of what political game could be. Interestingly, once a politician is always a politician. Politics remain flowing in their blood to the end. At one point when l thought l was popular, l tried my hands in politics but came out with political bruises in me. My experience at that time taught me not to try my hands or concentrate much on what l do not know or understand. I am sending a message to someone or some people out there that it is always better to remain in one’s comfort zone instead of jumping from one point to another where you have no knowledge or which you do not qualify for. There are those who try their hands in different things that they do not know or understand and after failing in one they jump to the other thinking that one would be better than the first one. It is good to remain comfortable in doing one thing than jumping from left to right trying to do what you cannot do or not qualified for. These types of people are many and they are a disgrace to others and their own self. There are those who are wishing that they would have remained in their attained profession rather than jumping from one place to the other and they are many in our midst. If you are a doctor of medicine remain that and help improve the health sector, If you are a lawyer better remain there to help improve the legal sector and if one is a teacher just try to remain there to help improve the education sector. Each sector of development in the society remains important to the nation building. There must be no other ways of doing things differently. Success depends on doing the right thing at the right time in the right way. Follow the history carefully and you will find that those who have made it worldwide preserved their ego, remained patient and steadfast to reach their goals in life. One should try hard enough to stick to one profession or what one knows better for the well-being of mankind and withstanding other temptation coming their ways.

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