No parcel will be sent back to sender when peace comes

We were on the topic raised by one former powerful political leader now turned UN diplomat, when, one of the cell-phones in our midst rang. We were discussing the death of 49 UN Peacekeepers who had been killed, perished, in the country while in line of duty since 2011. This is what David Shearer revealed this week during the UN Peacekeepers day celebration in Juba. He was telling his audience how the UNMISS had been able to help or assist the common man in parts of the country. David also passed a  message from his boss somewhere in USA’s New York in which the man on top requested that women be increased in the UN force more, more women in uniform. However, the sad bit is that somewhere in the continent or the world some families were still mourning the loss of their beloved ones. They are among the number David quoted who have perished through guns since their deployments. This is what the man from the far land David was telling the country and the world when the son of… he had come from receiving his parcel which was sent to him by his grand-pa from the village. He has contested and vowed to return the same parcel back to sender by return post but this did not happen, because when he appeared, the parcel had not arrived or was still on the way to Juba. His concern was that he had gone to seek serious consultation with one, Edmund Yakani, reasons, the national dialogue which was taking shape up front but needed all-inclusivity. Our friend wanted to catch the glimpse of all included and be part of this national noble cause initiated by the President. SaTP was so ready to join the team in teamwork but was kept aback because one of his pears was incriminated in to crimination, but it did not take us long before telling him or bringing to his attention the fact that the matter which was burning down his spine had been solved or resolved by the head of State, the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Who had released the detained UN Journalists, who had been inside for almost three years. This gave SaTP an opportunity to say just one word; National Dialogue was taking shape for the better.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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