No one is an island

Dear reader, success does not come by coincidence or out of the blue, it is hard work, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love what you are pursuing in your life. I must say that no one is an island in academic journey and all of you can bear me witness in that bitter truth.

Being a student or a politician, you have to share your ideas with other boon companions as many people have been deceived that campus is where you enjoy luxurious life which is in other way around where you put more efforts and absolute resilience to learn and become a future leader. You must work harder in order to achieve your dream. However, you must know that following such misleading advice will automatically lead you to the ruination of your entire life. Developed a sense of creativity that can lead you to positive direction by sharing positive aspect of life with your colleagues in discussing matters pertaining to academics and not be carried away by any wind that blows!

The only approved way to success is surrounding yourself with wise people and learning to listen and not take yourself seriously. In regard to this, attend discussions and ask whom you think knows that topic in question. Don’t lean on your own understanding by getting contented with the little you have because the mind that feeds on itself is feeble and likely to fail.

You may think that what you have perceived in a particular course unit is the truth but you will realize that what you had was rubbish when it does not yield good results. With this, I strongly urge each and every one to share with others and kill the habit of selfishness and being a wiseacre. In addition, be ready to accept corrections and positive criticisms, and you will be a competent and prosperous person at the end.

Further, the above is not a license to disregard personal efforts. You are to move heaven and earth at your personal level. After discussion, take a little rest and try to revise what you have discussed, internalize it and it will become part of you. Where you don’t understand, consult others whom you know are walking dictionaries. Don’t give up, use all avenues at your disposal. Mind you that the elevator to success is out of order, you will have to use the stairs…one step at a time. Harry Anderson puts it rightly that “Even the fools knows you can’t touch the stars, but it does not stop a wise man from trying”. Nelson Mandela added, “A good head and a good heart are always formidable combination”. Therefore, keep striving and the academic echelon should be your aspiration.

In a nutshell, you have to know that success has hundred mothers as Napoleon Bonaparte avowed. Also, it is like mountaineering where you climb from where you stand because there is no well-defined route to the top of a mountain. What is certain is that, it is only in the dictionary where success comes before work because the words therein are arranged in alphabetical order…but in a real life, you are to work towards attaining success.

But the question is, how? As I have mentioned early on, success requires collective efforts, thus be with your colleagues because two heads are better than one. Above all, trust in God Almighty who is the source of knowledge and wisdom. It is my humble prayer that God grants you good health, peace of mind, happiness, understanding and success will be the upshot. Wish you success in the forthcoming coursework tests and throughout your academic journey.

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