The law has caught up with those who committed atrocities’ and war crimes over 20 years ago when the liberation was keenly going on to set the country free. Lundin Energy, a Swedish owned firm was operating in Unity State part of the country and then used their vast resources and manpower to commit crime against humanity. The authorities in their own country have dragged them to court to face these charges which they might have thought they would not be followed and brought to faces these charges. With determination and commitment, no crime can go without being tried even if it took how many years. The cases of NAZIS holocausts are clear in the minds even after 100 years. Let the authorities in Sweden go down to the bottom of this matter and the firm, its management and their collaborators shown that it was against nature to destroy human being whatever the circumstances were at that particular moment. South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) which has indicated determination should use their global network to follow this case to the latter. They should be permanent representatives from the government and civil society until the matter was concluded to the best interests of the people who might still be alive and nursing wounds and injuries sustained through the activities of the Swedish firm which was given a chance to operate in the area for their commercial gain which they turned out to use to kill and get involved in war crimes. This could be a good and powerful message to other firms and their owners who are using them to inflict serious body and mind injuries to the innocent people who should be left to mind their own existence at this time of economic trials.

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