No need to cry, be strong

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Every drop of tear that falls down from our eyes is not a sign of weakness.  It is a pain of the things we have tried for a very long time but failed to yield good results.

We all have our burdens and the weight varies; for some people, passing through the day is overwhelming and to many people, getting up in the morning is a battle that is always thought to be lost anytime. Many people are hopeless, some have unsuccessful relationships, others are sick and millions have neither food nor shelter.

It is not a lie, the streets are filled with beggars, mothers with little kids and children whose future is unknown. This is a clear indication that the world cares less about problems we face.

One cannot cross the street without seeing people talking to themselves as if they are mad because life never pays back and situations continue to relapse every now and then without any sign that things will change for the better.

All that we see ahead is a bleak future and despair.  No one has the audacity to smile even when the world keeps telling us that there is light at the tunnel.

We are absolutely exasperated by what is going on in the world. But as human beings we always need to find real-world solutions to real-life problems.

We should not give up, we have the ability to get through this because if we are still alive today, it means there is a better life ahead of us.

Allow no one or any challenge to push you down from building your hope.  Pay deaf ears to those who are telling you that you are a biological mistake.

Let me tell you something, the greatest success in life is when we are still alive and when we know what we are going after in life.  Therefore, the challenges we continue to face in our daily life should not be an excuse for anything.

Maybe you are a girl and your parents have already told you that they didn’t planned to have a baby girl as their first born child but nature did the opposite then you begin to feel sorry for yourself.

Some people outside there may wonder why most of the people fail in life and why it is only a fraction of people that live the life they deserve.

Well, the life that others are living was not the life meant for them. When we hear or see those who rob and kill people for money, we don’t admire them because we know from our conscience that stealing or killing is wrong but what puts people there is what we cannot understand.

But in real sense, it is just a matter of choice.  Every choice that we make in life is what determines our destiny.

If you always chose to follow the right path, you become the luckiest person alive because the work of God is just to create you and give you the right and privilege to choose the life you want.

So, desire to be someone who is not shaken by any challenge in life, maybe those who are now frustrated in life and all who steal people’s property once had something that kept them living but the challenges that came their way defeated them and that is why they are living a life without purpose with a future beset by a very thick fog.

I’m aware that living is not easy and making it in life requires the birds of the same feathers to stand line behind you.  But what can you do if you look right and left and you saw nothing? Tears will involuntarily begin to roll down your cheeks and fears about the future begins to get hold of you. But if you are alive as you are reading this piece, you have to wipe those tears and move on.

There are a lot of men and women who have made it in life without the support of anybody and you can be counted among these people one day.

If you don’t have a dad, if you have been abandoned by your friends/relatives and if you are facing the hardest blows of life.  Don’t ever think of death as the only way out, you still have a chance to be somebody that nobody thought you would be and you can make it all alone no matter what.  Just be yourself and remain hopeful for the best for something great is yet to wrap itself upon you.  Be strong always.

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