NO MORE Politicking, unity ministers begin work

By Elia Joseph Loful and Martha David

After being sworn in on Monday, most of the Ministers took over their offices ready to work for the unity government. 

Government offices remained a beehive of activities as most of the appointees were being escorted by their own and different ministries officials for the pending national assignments.

The Minister of Higher Education Denay Jock Cogor, the Minster of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Peter Mayen among other ministers assumed their offices on Tuesday.

While addressing the employees of their various ministries, the new ministers pledged to restructure and reform their ministries.

The new Minister of Higher Education Denay Jock Cagor said he would work to address the tuition fees in the higher learning institutions to accommodate even the least fortunate students.

There has been unrest in the public universities as a result of the increased tuitions which students from poor family background could not afford.

Earlier this year, some students at the University of Juba protested after they were denied exams due to their failure to complete paying the school fees.

Jock who was welcomed yesterday in his office at the Ministry of Higher Education said among his priorities was to address the problem of the tuition fees.

“As we transition from war to peace, we now consider education, because education is the power that empowers everyone. I am expecting changes that our students would be able to afford tuitions fees,” he said.

He added that he would also put much emphasis on the development of human resources.

“I believe that without education, we never get out of this war. Even if we finish this war, if we don’t give priority to education and if we don’t educate our communities then we are just postponing war with another war,” Jock stated.

“I personally urged the country’s leadership that lets give peace a chance, let’s give priority to education and agriculture so that we should be able to feed ourselves,” he said.

He was speaking to the media yesterday in Juba as he assumed his new office in a ceremony attended by Justice Yien Lam Tut former Minister of Higher Education, Vice Chancellor University of Juba among many others.

On his part the former Minister Justice Yien Lam said he expected the new Minister to follow up the existing projects under the ministry.

“Our challenge in the ministry was financial constraints however we are grateful to Japanese Government for supporting the education sector. Japan donated funds for construction of Upper Nile University and now other companies are coming to construct all the five public universities in the country,” Yien explained.

Meanwhile the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Peter Mayen has vowed to bring back Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from different areas to their homes.

“It is my duty to make sure every South Sudanese is back home and enjoy a dignified life,” he added.

“We want to make sure every IDPs are given a house so that they can stay, we can work collectively so that we don’t see widows suffer to get food on the table,” Mayen said. 

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