Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When l received a call and identified the person on the other end as my good friend Dr. Kenya A. Spencer (PhD) so many thoughts ran into my mind. Dr. Spencer is one man who does not mince his words and do not dwell on parochial or simple matters that do not go with his understanding of national and global issues.  My mind ran through this because the last time, not far ago when he called, he dressed me down on the use of some English words which did not go well with his English vocabulary. Like other well educated and learned persons, our arguments always centred in what we know and write better. This is English which some people have baptized as the “Queen’s language” that came to the continent through the ship. I know of one person who could easily shed tears in what he termed “mutilation” of the queen’s language by some who engages in talks with hundred and one mistakes in the name of talking or writing English but who assume to know  more than others. My like-minded people are well educated and learned. This is why this class of people would be thinking on development of the minds and the country in general. They have no time to discuss or dwell on personalities like some others in the foes.This class of mind always accepts positive criticism for future correction without harboring any grudge or feeling offended by others. The world would be a better place with such understanding minds where no one remain suspicious and on guard against the unknown. Brains in this class should be tapped and used to bring all communities in the country together. They should be used for development of the younger generations mind and thought. This could be the best legacy to the future generations. Dr. Kenyi Spencer is one of the brains in the economic and literature world. He walked into my office to introduce his new work in the queen’s language world. The book English Language for Professionals, surely will contribute to the improvement of the language. Learning is a continuous process which does not end easily as long as one is still alive. No one has the monopoly and in such situation one must accept to acquire more knowledge. For Dr. Kenyi and other academicians will do this country a lot more better if they could impact the knowledge they have through various writings and other possible outlets for well-being of humanity. There is always something someone can give. Can you ask yourself that “what do l have that l can give to turn around the life of someone” You will find that what you might not consider important is very important to someone out there. Just give it a chance .The new authored book is bound to add more knowledge and professionalism to those whose daily life depend on the language. I suggest you get a copy.

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