No more men only women in upcoming elections

By John Agok                                                                   

The Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Executive Director told lawmakers of Central Equatoria State yesterday that, more men but more women are to be voted in the upcoming elections.

 This was in a bid to reach the threshold of 35 per cent and beyond in the upcoming elections.

Edmond Yakani mentioned this during the three-day capacity building workshop of over one hundred parliamentarians from Central Equatoria State as required by the R-ARCSS under the theme: “Enhancing Parliamentary Capacity for Sustainable peace in South Sudan.”

He revealed that as a female Members of Parliament (MPs) 35 per cent was a quota given as affirmative Action, but that doesn’t mean women should not participate in the remaining 65 per cent. Speaker and deputy speaker from the Council of States was not about the 35 per cent but was sharing equally remaining per cent.

“We want to see more women being voted into the positions of all pillars of government in the upcoming elections. This will bring us at the threshold of 35 per cent affirmative and participate in the remaining 65 per cent. All-female MPs should be limited to 35 per cent Affirmative action as the quota given but they should also participate in other remaining 65 per cent,” Yakani said.

He added, parliamentarians needed to revitalize their hearts and attitudes to implement R-ARCSS signed by parties and forget parties’ interests.

“Party has nominated you already to represent your people interest first,” he cautioned.

Meanwhile, Geetha Pious, the UNMISS Head of Field Officer for Central Equatoria State revealed that they were supporting the workshop through the implementation of Civil Society Organization (CSO) in building the Capacity of Parliamentarians with skill-set that would enable them to facilitate their work as it required by R-ARCSS.

“We have supported this workshop because the skillset for parliamentarians is what the peace Agreement requires.  Although the UNMISS is founding the workshop, the CSO is focusing on engaging lawmakers for this,” he stated.

Nevertheless, Taban Emanuel Baya, the Minister of Parliamentary and legal Affairs assured the parliamentarians to be active enough and avoid the lame accuses of saying, we are a new Country.

“Let’s stop saying always that, we are a new country, but we are a new Country with old people gifted with wealthy experience and we must deliver enough,” he said.

Baya admitted that his ministry has established four directorates and technical advisors in strengthening the robust relationships among stakeholders.

‘’ We have already established directorates of legislative Affairs, Civil litigation, Admin and Finance Affairs and Governance Affairs. We are soon establishing the centre for good governance for researchers to share tips together,” he added.

The three-day workshop was organized by the Centre for Inclusive Governance, Peace and Justice (CIGPJ) in Collaboration with (SSWEN) and funded by UNMISS.   

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