On Thursday, President Salva Kiir directed all the organized forces to be prepared to receive the opposition members. All the organized forces had been ordered to be ready to receive their brothers and sisters in opposition who are coming back home and unite with them as one people. This is not the first time that the President had made this statement. In August after returning from Khartoum Kiir told the citizens in Juba to be ready to well come the opposition members including his designated First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. It is sometimes hard to forgive and forget but this is a serious call coming from the head of the state and all must be adhered to. We should not point fingers at anyone for the crimes they might have committed against us. We have seen and witnessed that some people’s rights have been abused and some were killed innocently. This call for forgiveness does not leave any one out. Even the opposition members need to embrace love among themselves in order for them to be able to implement the peace agreement. It is very unfortunate that other armed oppositions have continued to confront each other for the reason best known to them yet it is the civil population that continues to be displaced despite the fact that the country is preparing to celebrate the peace. As citizens and the organized forces have expressed readiness to receive opposition members, they (oppositions) must also be willing to do the same to fellow country men and women. One of the greatest theologians said an integral person is one who is willing to do to others what he expects to be done to him. There is no need for some armed groups to continue fighting among themselves because it is the same ordinary citizens who would continue to pay the price.








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