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With Odongo Odoyo.

New York City is dead. Nothing is moving, the death toll by yesterday stood at over 600 recorded cases in the US alone. Worse of all is happening in Italy, it has caused havoc which has left  death toll of over 4,000 with mortuary full with coffin demand jumping high. In fact it is said that the coffin makers cannot meet the demand. China where it all started has reported nil case for the last three days. What a miracle or what secret have they found to counter this menace. South Korea which was also affected has reported reduced cases. It has turned out that the US is hard hit. But remember, the US, Europe and the Asian Tigers are considered well developed with adequate resources which can be called on use anytime and day. In New York alone the government of President Donald Trump closed all businesses, schools and public appearance outside their residential. New York is the US’s leading business hub. I turned to holy book to find out what was written that was bound to happen before the second coming of the son of God. Three things came out very clear, one, there will be mysterious happenings like the desert locusts, two the coronavirus and three the emergence of fake prophets to confuse the innocents with their ill planned activities. For now l am really concerned and worried about coronavirus. Our people do not understand the negative impact it is causing in parts of the world. Our people still treat the cases casually as if coronavirus is still a day dream monster hanging or roaming somewhere in the sky. Our people are not reading or listening to reports from different parts of the world what precaution measures were being put in place to avoid the spread and the effects of the virus. My serious worry is that how is Africa as a continent prepared to face this dreaded monster called coronavirus. I am not so sure what WHO and other international organizations would do although l hear from time to time that this or that country has donated this much for the fight against coronavirus in some countries which have already detected some cases of coronavirus. This thing is serious, my friend and colleague who was attending a program in India came back last evening after their program was cut short because of this thing called coronavirus. Those in his group who could not get immediate flight connection would remain in India for some time under the care of the Indian government. These are few indicators of how serious this disease is and why it should be the obligation and responsibility of every one of us should be in the guard against coronavirus. My brother and sister, this is not a drum for a fine dance it is real and must be treated with the iron fist not to be handled lightly with glove hand. Our readers, l have talked my bosses into agreeing to dedicate a page every day to highlight cases of coronavirus globally.

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