No Money for taking food to Lol State-Nyuot

By Morris Dogga

The National Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Hussein Mar Nyuot said his ministry does not have money for transporting food items to Lol State following a serious flooding that hit the areas in August, 2017.

Mr. Nyuot was responding to questions raised by the Members of Parliament who were demanding clarifications from the ministry of humanitarian affairs over its failure to act promptly to the situation in Lol State.

Mr. Nyuot said there was enough food in the store, but they didn’t have money for airlifting the food items to the area since it was not easily accessible by road. “I don’t have the money, if the money was with me, I would just form a committee here to take the food to the affected people,” he said.

“We have rice that was donated by the Chinese government; we have non-food items like plastic sheets for shelters, mosquito nets and other items. It is very difficult because these areas are not accessible by road from Juba,” Mr. Mar added.

In August this year, the Parliament passed an urgent motion summoning the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs to explain why his ministry did not quickly respond to the disaster that hit Lol State

The motion was raised by Mel Wal Achien, an MP representing Lol State in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA).

Flooding struck the state two months ago when Lol River and other high lands streams flooded and submerged the villages along the river bank. The flooding caused damage to human lives, houses and tens of thousands of local and commercial firms were also destroyed.

However, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs said the budget of the Ministry was mainly for the salaries and the services and it could not be used for emergencies. He further said emergency fund should have been set aside for any disaster, saying that the partners in humanitarian sector should help in transporting the items to the areas that were affected by the flooding.

“Since August until now, the flooding is still on and many people have been affected,” Hussein Mar disclosed.

Mr. Nyuot said other areas affected by the flooding include; Northern Upper Nile, State, Boma State and some parts of Jonglei State. The TNLA however, directed the national Ministry of Finance and Planning to urgently release fund for transporting the food items to Lol State.

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