On-going efforts to curb human rights violations in the country are good and timely. Over the past years, the country has witnessed serious reported and unreported violations of human rights. Majority of the vulnerable groups include women and children and sometimes go silent for fear of reprisals. Different forms of rights violations include rape, defilement and domestic violence including battery such as assault. Most of these violations happen in rural set ups where victims are not even aware of their rights and cannot even think of reporting them. Furthermore, there is a general feeling that perpetrators of such violence or violations are people who wield power or armed groups who can use their connections and networks to maim and just silence their victims. The government should partner with rights groups to promote human rights.  Educating the masses on the need to uphold human rights is key to achieving this noble objective. Of serious concerns is that some of these rights violations happen in rural areas where majority do not even understand their rights as enshrined in the constitution. This explains why we have a high number of early child pregnancies and forced marriages. Authorities concerned must ensure that rights violators are apprehended to face the full wrath of the law. Stern measures should be taken to ensure all forms of rights violations are punished with the gravity of weight they deserve. It hurts when we see the same perpetrators of rights violations walk free because of their connections with who is who in the society. Rights remain rights irrespective of the victim or survivor and so nobody should be spared the full wrath of the law as long as there is substantial evidence that violations have happened. Courts of justice too should not be any liniment with rights violation cases. They should use cases before them to set records straight that business can never be as usual through the thin combs of the law.

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