No help for alarmed people of Ezo

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

National Member of Parliament representing Ezo county of western Equatoria state Suzan Thomas Perembeta is calling upon the stakeholders to rescue Ezo displaced persons who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance since the conflict started till date.

“These people of Ezo were known for feeding themselves without needing any humanitarian assistance, however the conflict has made thousands left and others displaced. This has affecting the Ezo people in term of Agricultural prospective (Farming) leaving the population without food which has resulted into Hunger,”

In an exclusive interview with Juba monitor, Suzan said that there was assessment that was carried out by the government and other organizations but no response has been done to the Ezo people yet.

“The minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management Peter Mayen has gone to Yambio and have seen how the children have been starving and shivering from coldness however, UN-OCHA has also went to Ezo for an assessment but has not yet responded to the situation yet,” she said.

She added that situation in Ezo has left 15 children and 15 elders and women dead as a result of hunger and climatic changes.

“As a result, many of the displaced are finding life difficult, because the available food and medicine are not enough, resulting into sickness like flu, cough, typhoid and malaria, leaving15 children and15 women and elderly,” she added.

“Ezo county is full of internal displaced women, elderly and children and since this people came to the county, they have not received any humanitarian assistance, in terms of foods and non-foods items, “she stressed.

Meanwhile she further said that Children are dying from malnutrition and coldness because of its rainy season and as Ezo county is one among the areas that has cold climate.

Nevertheless, Bishop Edward Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio, called on foreign donors to provide emergency food and supplies to people displaced by fighting in the state of Western Equatoria State, however no response has been done since his calling so far.

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