No getting rich in the Government Positions

By Akol Arop Akol

Those days, government employed people without discrimination or nepotism.  Organizations as well used to look for people to employ. But time has come when youth look for jobs but they don’t get any because most institutions are now stingy and corrupt.

Getting a job is stressful. They said it clear that these days it is not about what you know but whom you know. With a friend, uncle, aunty and in-laws in the Government or organization you would likely be recommended. This has increased corruption. One feels like a chance to be in a public office is a chance to employ every friend, relative without qualifications because they believe that is their chance to lead and eat.

The concept that government makes people rich is a wrong ideology. In the World, companies are the sources of richness, but in South Sudan you can be rich in few days of clinging to power. Without Proper explanations, they prosper and enjoy life.

Though one works with the government and makes money, he has to invest in the development of the country. This should have been a better way forward, but it has not been the same. People get rich and they can’t tell the young ones how they got their wealth.

I see every day and the day I will stop seeing it is when I would believe that corruption has almost come to end. Has anyone seen a big politician after appointment slaughtering 3 bulls for celebration? That day, one feels like being given a throne in heaven, within the same month, there is a car, a watchman, a cook, driver and Hotel accommodation for which the costs are paid with public funds. Where could someone in new office travel in the same week or month of appointment without executing his duties?

After some months later, we could get news that the new leaders have done this and that, they use public money and in the process of relieving them, they would have already looted enough money and resources that belong to the public.

Getting rich has no complaint. As every one of us is created with different abilities and to walk a different life journey, where we work could be our success-destination. We don’t say people should not get rich when working with the government. They may get rich by investing in their businesses, for example an MP may work with the government for 5 years and he might use his bank savings to open a private business such as building school.  This way he is earning money and contributing to the welfare of the country.

But it is a different story in our country. Politicians make money and travel outside to spend it. They build their homes and let their children study there while the children of vulnerable and ordinary people are starving here with no help.

Working in government is more interesting. It seems leaders are working for their people not until the spirit of corruption fills them up. Government salaries are not comparable to those in the private sector, even a tea seller may earn much more than a civil servant. Now a question comes from here, if salaries of government workers range from 1,000 to 5000 SSP, where do the politicians get their wealth from? Is it through deals, bribes or smuggling? No one knows but with time, we shall get rid of culture of corruption in the nearest future when they eyes of the young generation open to see such injustices.  

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