The Council of Ministers declared that this year’s Independence celebration will not be public due to a number of reasons. One obvious is the current economic situation and the hunger affecting the country. The Government in its wisdom saw it wise to have such expenditure diverted to assist needy cases across the Nation. This is noble and wise take of a Government that cares about the welfare of her people. There is indeed need to minimize expenses because we have cases of those who do not know even how they will survive up to tomorrow or do not know how their families will get a meal a day. If this and other national commitments are what led the cabinet to come up with such resolution, then be it, for the good of all of us. However, some States are preparing to celebrate how we are yet to be informed fully, but one thing is clear. The Government gave directive that the money which could have been used for National celebrations be used in re-locating the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have been living in the cold and the sun near Juba International Airport with young children and old women for a long time. This is considered one of the noble cause of action in which the leadership must be applauded. State Governments can equally borrow a leaf from the national leadership. They should be able to identify priorities in their midst and act on them for the general interests. It is not enough for one to give orders for the renovation of shops and business premises and must hosting of national flags on empty stomach like what we hear the Wau Mayor is doing. He is making it compulsory to all to do this or that or else, a penalty stands your way. This kind of behavior from a civil leader cannot go un-questioned. He knows very well where and how the country has been faced with mishaps. Where will these traders and the common man in the area get money for forced renovation? Both the State and the national Government must come to the help of the locals.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


No country can allow jungle laws to take over its activities. No country the world-over can allow to be divided on tribal line or with few war-mongers to destructions to their credit. The law of this land is very clear. All South Sudanese have a right to own property, live in any part of the country, die and be buried there peacefully. This is the law. Therefore, when some youth come out with all kinds of name in the the belief that they are liberating their own, then something fishy is at cooking if not the fish itself. Where did we derive this kind of thought into our minds? How did we reach this far of singling out a tribe against a tribe? Why do find joy in brother killing brother, sister killing sister and fathers and mothers doing the same. The liberation war ended and independence came for all of us to work hard and enjoy the fruit of the struggles. Why this hostility? Why this bitterness? Ooh God. Your children are asking why all these and for how long. When will something good come from us that will please you God? Your children who cherish love and peace are on their knees. Change the minds of the war-like mongers to be human, let them know and understand that in your eyes we are all the same and none is better than the other. This country has shed enough blood and now needs everlasting peace for the current and the future generation. The foundation of these lies with us who are currently in existence and this is why we must ensure peace exist in all parts of the country with or without the present economic situation. We need not to be the enemies of our own. We need not to be the messenger of destruction of our own situation and our country. We need to look at our own situation and know who can be our true friend now and in future. A friend who will not pit us against each other. A friend who will not create division because of personal interest. A friend who will respect us and our being. This friend who will bring peace and respect our culture. We need this friend now than ever before. Who can this friend be? Who is this kind person with such high class quality? This friend is none-other than the one out there to bring peace to the whole country, the world and all nations, the name is one “God”. SaTP who all this time kept quiet uttered only one word after this long sermon… “Amen.”

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