Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is true wonders never end, sometimes it comes when least expected. Two things which l thought was digital improvement in human life came to my attention when l least expected.  I met someone l had known for some time but not very close though. This gentleman was in no mood of talking sense. He was brooding about what only God knows. His friends with him were almost giving up talking to him until l interjected and crowded their conversations uninvited. I told the guy to cheer-up and he looked at me for something like five seconds then answered. Cheer up to what. You didn’t hear that Kenya Airways is resuming flight to Juba and this is coming very soon when m-GURUSH  money transfer system can now be received in Kenya and Uganda on South Sudanese Pounds(SSP) transaction. These two systems have killed our businesses and now we are almost going with nil revenue results. I took interests and told his friends to give the gentleman a chance to explain himself because to my knowledge l had all along known that the resumption of the flights and the money transfer by m-GURUSH was going to make life so easy for many people. It was all plus in the development of a country. This gentleman was opposed to the flight resumption because since the border lockdown, they had formed a group that was illegally transporting people from the two countries who were in dire need to see their loved ones. These people were charged exorbitantly and the journey went through terrains and valleys lasting even up to seven days for them to reach their intended destinations. They considered themselves in business making a kill but not caring about the life of the trafficked passengers and the family they were about to meet without the preventive and protective measures of coronavirus. Of the money transfer, they are the same group who has been involved in transfer of money through other unauthorized means with high rates charged customers. m-GURUSH was going to bring their illegal operations down. These were interesting scenarios unfolding which could not have been known if the Kenya Airways and the m-GURUSH did not come at this time when coronavirus is causing havoc in the world.  Let both KQ and the money transfer system be given all the support because they are destined to reduce the suffering the larger population not only in the two sisterly countries but in the whole region. Illegal operators should face the consequences as they have taken the advantage of the situation to exploit the general public far too long. They have made their kill and must go now or face the law of the land because what they had been doing is to rob both countries revenues in taxes which could have been used for service delivery to the citizens.

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