No direct admission in institution of higher learnings

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The government has directed institutions of higher learning to stop direct admission of students and forward all their academic background to the Ministry of Higher Education for vetting and verification.

This the government said would reduce cases of forgeries and cheating on admission and bring forward the student’s background before being allowed to join the universities and colleges. The directive covered both public and private institutions.

This came barely a week after the government discovered that over 400 certificates, diplomas and degrees most obtained from overseas and locally were forged and did not tally with the higher learning protocol and ethics.

Speaking to the Media yesterday, the Minster of Higher Education, Science and Technology Gabriel Changson Chang saidadmission to universities should be on regular basis as soon secondary school examination results were released.

“The Ministry of Higher Education noticed that this year a high numberof forgedcertificates were in circulation which is very alarming”.

In the lastadmission the number of forgedcertificateswere 13 and this year 15 locally.I appealto allpublicand private universities that yes you have the right to fill the gap but any candidatesyou select for direct admission please send all documents to the ministry. We want universities Vice Chancellors to help us,”Chang said.

He added that the opportunity had come and should beutilized withrespect.Those who sat in 2020 will be given the opportunity immediately in the universities and we are expecting other admission before the end of this year,”

He revealed thatabout 24,118 sat for secondary certificate examination but only 9000 hadapplied foruniversities for both degree and diploma. Currently only 5,300 students had been nominated to universities.

“I hope that the number would increase in thesecond intake because the intake for this year isalmost half through for Juba University. We are asking admission committee to give us comparative analysisto help improves intake in the other universities,”

However, the Minister of General Education and Instruction Awut Deng Acuil said the Ministry of General Education had noticed that there were many forged certificates circulating in the country and some of students  having them had already been admitted in in various universities.

“I want to appeal all public and private universities Vices Chancellorsto check certificates before admitting students.

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