No confidence: IDPs await real peace

By: Kidega Livingstone

The Internally Displaced Persons in Mudri called on the parties to the agreement to fast-track the peace implementation process amid a worsening living condition.

Susan Abraham,   a mother of two in the camp said durable peace would allow her and many others to return home.

She described the condition in the camp as “terrible” because of lack of food and other health-threatening conditions.

“Living conditions in the camp have worsened because we haven’t received any food assistance since July last year or any land where we can farm for ourselves,” said Susan on a telephone interview yesterday.

It is approximately 4,000 people from Kediba who are seeking shelter at an informal camp for displaced people in Mundri IDP.

Margarte Shale who returned home appealed to the government to visit the camp and homes where they have retuned.

“Living in there is very bad. I am appealing to leaders of South Sudan to visit us and see the conditions for themselves,” said Shale.

She added, however that the life in her home village is not great and calling the state of affairs very bad because of lack of basic services.

“I went back [to Kediba] and have managed to cultivate a bit because the situation is relatively calm, but the government really should provide security to encourage many more people to return,” said Margaret.

 She said fetching and selling water to restaurant owners and firewood at the Mundri market is the daily routine of many women to make a living for themselves and their children.

Mundri Assistant Camp Manager Alex Ezbon who stayed in the camp for three years explained that most of the displaced people in the area fear to go back home before the formation of the transitional government of national unity, as stipulated in the revitalized peace agreement.

“I don’t want to go home and then run away again to the camp. Once the unity government has actually been established [the current deadline is 22 February], then I will think of going home,” Alex said.

 He appealed to the international community to assist with food and other necessities in the meantime.

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