Nkumba University passes out 1,585 students in 20th gradation ceremony

Nkumba University (NU) is a private University located in Entebbe, Uganda. It was established in 1994 as part of a group of schools and colleges that originally grew from a kindergarten established in 1951. The University is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in applied business education. The Nkumba University builds students on four well details Creativity, Confidence, Competence and Character as guiding principle of the Nkumba University. Nkumba University is not affiliated with any particular religious organization, but it accommodates several religious associations, which allow the students to fellowship along religious beliefs and to devote adequate time to God. The University campus is located on Nkumba Hill in Wakiso District, approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 mi), by road, North-East of Entebbe International Airport, along the Northern shores of Lake Victoria, the second-largest fresh water body in the world. The coordinates of the University campus are 0°05’42.0″N, 32°30’27.0″E (Latitude: 0.095000; Longitude 32.507500.

Nkumba University chancellor Sir Gordon Kasibante Babala Wavamunno said as I am almost retiring I would like to thanks and congratulates our dear parents and students of Nkumba University in particular for hard work and special dedication to your studies however a new chancellor will come and build what we already built for many years Nkumba University have been existing here in Uganda.

Nkumba University vice chancellor professor Wilson Muyinda Mande called upon students to study mathematic and other sciences because Africa needs more doctors, scientists and professional accountants to improve our service delivery to meet international require standard of other countries in the world said Professor Wilson Muyinda. Nkumba University graduation commence on date 04/11/2017 and more than 1,585 students among them is Juba Monitor staff in charge of advertisement Manager Mr Duku Seme Manasi and other one hundred South Sudanese students who graduated at Nkumba University from various difference fields in 20th graduation event speaking to Juba Monitor student of international relations and diplomatic studies Mr. Mawa David said the most challenging thing in education is where to get school fees for your education my fellow South Sudanese students and parents as well please let us be patience we shall overcome current situation we are now going through and be focus as people of one nation called South Sudan for all her people said Mawa David.

Duku Seme Manansi student of business administration specialize in accounting thanked Juba Monitor management and specifically former editor in chief honorable Alfred L Taban veteran journalist and member of national parliament representing Kajo-keji constituency who allow Seme Duku to further his education while working at te same time, speaking to Juba Monitor newspaper in Ugandan capital Kampala Mr. Duku said I send out my deep thanks and appreciation to entire leadership of Juba Monitor for their wonderful support during my studies although am now still student pursuing satisfied certificate of public account finance at Kenya University Juba centre it will be my hope and believe to improve our financial system of Juba Monitor because it is my pleasure and privileges to pay back what Juba Monitor management did to me as a person and my family during my studies said Duku Seme.

Juba Monitor interview number of South Sudanese students who graduated at Nkumba University including Mr.Nathan Nyang Mayen student of international relations and diplomatic studies in his response to Juba Monitor Mr. Nathan Nyang sais he is humble and happy to witness this wonderful day in his life given the difficulties and challenges he faced during long academic struggle however I congratulated my parents for their unwavering support throughout my education and to my fellow South Sudanese students studying in East Africa please concentrate on education instead of concentrating on issues which have no future benefiting entire public said Nathan Nyang.

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