Nita Baibe bounces back

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Neetah Baibe, the ‘Binia Wewe’ famous local dancehall queen is back to the music scene with “don’t go” a love song she strongly believes will rock.

The singer who went mute for sometime said she was busy with family responsibilities but now back to shake the industry she claimed has been male-dominated.

‘Don’t Go’ is a love song preaching about addiction to someone you love so much and don’t want that person to move an inch away from you.

Speaking of don’t go, Neetah revealed that it is her own experience that she believes so many are going through today in the world of love.

“I am personally in love with this guy that I won’t mention and he is this kind of romantic man that keeps me glued to him all day long, I don’t want him to go anywhere because I will miss him,” said Neetah.

Neetah said that her love experience is a story to hundreds of lovers in the country but through her music, she is preaching love and togetherness.

Second verse of don’t go song explains how love birds should stick to each other no matter the problems faced.

“We all know in love, there are problems but we need to stick to each other and love in all times, bad or good,” Neetah said.

Don’t go is the first single released by Neetah Baibe as she comes back to the music industry and she hopes to rock with the song.

Neetah further explained of her plans of doing a full album for 2020 and through her management organizing shows across the country.

Binia Wewe was a song that brought Neetah to the music scene in the early 2013.

Through Binia Wewe, Neetah was able to travel across the country performing for her fans.

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