Ninth Egyptian cargo arrivesin Juba

Then in the batch of Egyptian cargo plane arrived yesterday with infants’ milk worth 10 tons of humanitarian assistance.

This is part of the tenth cargo plane donated by the Egyptian Government to rescue the people of South Sudan from famine that was declared by the government and United Nations agencies early this year.

The items were delivered by Ayman El Gamal the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan on behalf of the Egyptian Government; while Laurence Akola Sarafino the Director General in the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management received on behalf of the government of South Sudan.

Speaking to the press, Ayman El Gamal the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan said the donated food items is part of the humanitarian assistant to South Sudanin response to the humanitarian request made to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi earlier by President Salva Kiir to aid the suffering of the vulnerable people.

Gamal said the provision of the shipment of humanitarian assistance to South Sudan is meant to directly help the defenseless group of people.

“I am here to tell you that Egypt is to support the people of South Sudan to achieve just and lasting peace. We shall continue trying our best to deliver needed services to the people of this country especially in humanitarian sector to help reduce food gap,” he said.

Gamal commended the Egyptian continued support to South Sudan by bringing more aid to support the peace initiative for realization of stability in the country.

On his part,Sarafino described the humanitarian aid as a significant step between Egypt and South Sudan to strengthen ties.

He said he acknowledged Egypt stand along side South Sudan since the time of crisis up to current period by providing humanitarian upkeep to the deprived people.

“This infant’s milk will really help small kids from 0-6 months improve their health to avoid malnutrition. It will also help them build their body hormones for faster growth and maintain healthy living,” he said.

Akola said the donation will be exclusively directed to help those affected by conflict especially the under aged children.

He appreciated the government of Egypt for being committed in supporting South Sudan with food and other basic services for the purpose of maintaining good health of the infants across the country.

By Moses Gum Degur

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