Nineteen year-old boy undergoes successful pine surgery

By Kidega Livingstone

The family members of 19-year-old boy who fell from the third floor of a building are relieved after he was successfully operated at Chinese Friendship hospital.

The boy fell from the third floor of a building they were constructing and broke one of the bones in his spine system.

Speaking to Juba Monitor from Chinese Friendship Hospital, the brother of the patient,Steward Ballosh said the condition of the boy was disturbing before he was taken for diagnosis at the hospital.

He said the Doctors at the hospital worked very hard to rescue his brother who was in too much pain.

“He could not even talk, walk and sleep like this, we wanted to take him to Uganda but special plane for carrying such people who have such cases is very expensive because we were told to pay two thousand Dollars,” said Ballosh.

“We thank God   and the Doctors who worked on him and the management of the hospital because they did not charge us much because they knew our problem of money,” he added.

However the Spine Surgery Doctor who came from Uganda to work on the patient at the hospital, Kajji Magamba said surgery on the spine need enough preparation in order to make it successful.

He said diagnosis should be done early enough in order to prepare a team that will come for surgery.

“I will start coming here every month to work with our local Doctors who are here to make sure that a number of patients with such cases are operated as many  on,” said Kajji.

He said his coming to South Sudan was not only for surgery but also to build the capacity of the local doctors especially in the area of spine surgery.

“I really want to work with the local population so that we strengthen the capacity and slowly we can build Africa together,” Kajji said.

The Director of the hospital, Ma Ning said they are hiring doctors from East Africa in order to reduce the cost for the people of South Sudan.

“We have enough equipment and manpower. We are doing that because many people use to travel outside South Sudan yet the Doctors in South Sudan can do the same thing as the Doctors in Uganda or Kenya since they are all the same,”Ning said.

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