Nineteen killed, 39 wounded fresh clashes in Lakes.

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least 19 people have been killed and 39 others wounded in an inter-communal clashes in Rumbek East county of Lakes State.

The clashes which caused lives of 19 people and 39 wounded was triggered by 130 cattle raided from Rup community on Friday evening at 5:00 pm by the Gony community.

Speaking to Juba monitor, the police officer, Brig. Gen. Mathiang Bol Ater confirmed that the clashes was triggered by a raids of 130 herds of cattle and killing of a man from Rup community on Friday evening by Pakam, Kuei and Gony sections.

“The cause was retaliation from Rup and Thuyic sections against Pakam, Kuei, Gony, Pacuar and Dhiei as due to the raided cattle and killing of one Youth from Thuyic section”, said Bol.

Bol said there are number of wounded people in this clashes, about 39 people are with critical wounds on both side they are admitted in Rumbek State hospital for medications.

He said the organized forces in defunct Western Lakes State is patrolling the main highway between Rumbek State capital, Pacong, Panawac and Aduel headquarters of Rumbek East county,”said Bol.

He said the only solution for this inter-communal clashes in Rumbek or Lakes State in general is comprehensive civil population disarmament.

“Government should carried out disarmament of civil population in Rumbek. This is the only way to bring peace among the communities, but without disarmament the communal fighting and cattle raiding will never stop,” said Bol

Bol said the situation is calmed in the morning of Sunday after it was reported that the armed Youth from Gony section were about to retaliate planning to attack Thuyic and Rup communities in their places.

“On Sunday morning, we received a report of plan of a retaliatory attack against Rup and Thuyic communities by Gony, Dhiei and Kuei, but they talked among themselves and got dispersed, while our forces are still monitoring them,” said Bol.

He urged the civil population particularly the armed Youth of Agar community to cease from inter-communal hostilities and cattle raiding in the State.

“Now, we have lost 19 lives and 39 wounded in an inter-communal fight, people fighting each other it is a great lost that will never be recovered any more but staying peacefully is safe lives,” he said.

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