Nineteen coronavirus contacts on serious watch

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

As South Sudan confirmed its second coronavirus case on Tuesday evening, the 19 of the 34 contacts to the first patients are under serious investigation, the incident Manager for Coronavirus said. 

The country confirmed its second case of the COVID-19 on Tuesday evening. The second patient is a 53 year old female UN staff who entered the country on the 23rd March 2020 from Nairobi.

She has no connection with the first case, but in good health, according to the undersecretary in the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Angok Gordon Kuol, Incident Manager for Coronavirus at the National Ministry of Health told Juba Monitor that the 19 people were on the watch.

 “We have tested contacts for the first case about 15 of them, 19 are not yet given samples and all will be tested to see whether the case first has some positive contexts or not,” he said.

“But the second case is new and from tomorrow (yesterday) we will start tracing her contacts,” Dr. Angok added. 

The newly infected patient is said to have arrived from Nairobi on 23rd of March and she was asked to self quarantine.

Dr. Kuol further stated that the second positive patient has never been in contact with the first case in one way or another.

 “On Monday, we had an alert from UN Level 1 Clinic and our Rapid Response Team was mobilized immediately, by the time they went, the lady was confirmed with cough, difficulty in breathing, headache, fever and running nose,” he narrated.

“Given that she was meeting the case definition of COVID-19, her sample was taken and this sample was run very late in the night (Monday night)  where she gave positive result but we repeated this morning again (Tuesday) and gave us positive result,” he said in the interview.  

He figured out that South Sudan was putting in place all what it can to control further eruption of the deadly pandemic.

“We have scaled up a response. There is now more investigation taking place, more testing and the facility is ready to take critical cases which are there,” Dr. Kuol said.

Health experts had recently said that about 80 to 82 percent of the COVID-19 normally passes with mile symptoms that were difficult to be detected.

Only about other 5 percent which always present critical condition necessary for immediate hospitalization.

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