Nine shops burnt in Bor Market

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least nine shops and two bars were burnt into ashes in Bor Market over the weekend.

The Marol Market, the major and busiest trading market in Bor town caught fire leaving a number of shops, garages and part of residences into ashes, according to eyewitnesses.

John Makuei Alier, Deputy Director of Public Health and Environment at Bor Municipality said the blaze was extremely terrible as many shops were burnt dwon.

He said it was a great lose to the traders, “what I have seen is quite regrettable. Traders have had their goods burnt including money, shoes, garages for motorcycles and cars and residencies,” Alier said.

“The cause of fire is what we still don’t know up to now. So we are still investigating to find out what happened exactly,” he added.

The Deputy Director affirmed that nothing in the shops and houses have been rescued, adding that the garage traders were greatly affected by the damage.

“Traders who normally keep money in the shops have had all their money burnt. Apartment in form of lodge which has been used by most of the people as their private residency has also burnt with everything in them,” he explained.

“As Municipality we are in solidarity with the affected people. We are trying to counsel the traders. So basically tomorrow (today), we will try to talk to people of Chamber of Commence so that we can see how we can help them,” he stressed.

Osman Omar Mohammed, a garage owner said his goods that got burnt in the shop worth 4000 US dollar.

He said he had just imported those goods from Juba on 20th December.

“I am confused all my goods were burnt. I don’t really know where this fire started from. The cause needs to be investigated really,” he decried.

Mohammed called on the government to intervene and render them with some assistance.

He said the fire was put off through the help of the Ethiopian water tankers who often supply water in Bor town.

Ali Issa Hassan, one of the shop owners whose goods and money all got burnt, revealed that he was pissed after he saw his shop was on fire.  

“I had closed in the evening but I was surprised when I was called to return back to the market. When I came, I got my shop burning,” he narrated.

Hassan said that the damages caused to him by the fire worth two million South Sudanese Pounds. 

Marol Market in Bor Town is the largest market in the town.

Last year, the same market caught fire in November and over 40 shops were burnt in ashes and since then, the cause of the fire has not been established.

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