Nimule town clerk urges parents to care of girl child

By Bida Elly David

Nimule town clerk urged parents to put much efforts in eradicating girl’s future to avoid uncertainties.

Addressing the community during ‘World Girl Child Day’ event in Nimule, Deputy Nimule town clerk Jimo Duku Simon urged parents and guardians to inert much efforts in supporting female children to mitigate uncertainties.

He said parents had bigger roles to play in encouraging and educating their kids with an affirmative strategy to become role models in the future and thus, the community would be a subject to benefit from the outcome.

 He also warned parents and guardians who overloaded children with much domestic work making it difficult for girlsto concentrate in their studies.

“I advise you parents to put much of your efforts in educating these female children. If you do this, they are liable to become good leaders to support the community.  Some of you are known of occupying their female learners with heavy load embarking much pain and fatigue to them”, he added.

However, he reiterated that the insecurity caused by the gang-boys in the town had contributed a lot in the downfall of most activities. The deputy town clerk stressed that the administration was working harder to ensure that such negative activities were brought to an end.

He however warned young girls who had been practicing passive dressing code exposing their organs to the public to reform with an immediate effect. He added that the era of modern technology had contributed negatively to some cultures.

“Girls, am assuring you to avoid indecent dressing code that exposes your body out. Know that this modern technology has series of disadvantages to your lives. Avoid being in love with money rather use the little provided by your parents for breakfast, transport and school fees”, he reiterated.

Finally he warned boys in adolescent and men to critically observe their actions towards the young girls. He pointed out that some men buy expensive phones to these ladies creating confusion that later results into dropout.

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