Nimule singer urges citizens to preserve culture

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Nimule-based dancehall singer James Batali alia 13 Battalion in his song “Patakai” which means reckless, is calling for cultural preservation in the country by citizens.

Patakai was released in the wake of globalization practices that have bequeathed South Sudanese cultural norms and values to the dustbin of oblivion.

13 Battalion said from his observation, many young people were practicing incest marriage due to lack of guidance from the parents.

“It is because we fail to preserve our culture by teaching our children about their roots and this explains why things are getting messy because of modernization,” Battalion said.

“Gone are the days when parents put their children down in the evening hours and teach them about their culture,” said Battalion.

13 Battalion further said that the youth of nowadays should not forget about their culture because it is their identity.

“Our culture is our identity, who we are, we have to be proud of our own and show the all world. For example, we have over sixty four tribes, meaning that we have sixty four cultures,” Battalion said.

13 Battalion also commented about the challenges faced by artists in Nimule.

The singer said Nimule does not have promoter for its musicians and talented sons and daughters.

It is believed that Nimule has only two radio stations which are Christian-based and they play only gospel music, leaving the secular musicians behind.

13 Battalion is known for songs like Songwe, Suzuki and Dr. Fraza, but he rose to the music limelight with Patakai single.

Currently, the singer is in Juba for media tours trying to promote his music across the country.

Paul Locket, an upcoming artist in Nimule described 13 Battalion as the voice of the youth in Nimule through his music.

“13 Battalion is so influential in the Nimule despite the challenges of promotion and we thank all the media outlets in Juba for giving him the chance to share his music with his fans,” he said.

13 Battalion vowed to work hard in 2020 to ensure that the voices of the youth in Nimule are heard through music.

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