Nimule road Bullets took off the life of Emma47

Bullets on our roads have played yet another nasty take, this time the young and up-coming music artist, commonly known as Emma47. He was fatally killed along Nimule-Juba road on Monday morning as he was on his way to the capital city.

Music fans in the country, majority youths, mourns the sadden death of Emma47 who rose to fame because of his Zol Batal label, its believed that the singer was shot on the Nimule high way on Monday at a round 6:00am as he was returning to Juba town.

Majority of artists that spoke to Juba Monitor had this to say about the trategic loss to the music industry.

So sad brother Emma is my soul brother, his death will forever pain me much because there are lots of big projects in the store for us, Emma47 should have waited until we accomplish all the promises we had in music industry, said Borntalened.


Emma was an award winning artist the industry and fans will definitely miss his very nice voice. He was very social. He called everyone brethren sis or bro. Artists need to come as one and support the family especially the little gal and to organize a memorial service for the fallen artist to cleanse the industry of bad omen, said Mc Lumoex

I am just shocked about the news bro all I can say is what are we going to do as young people to restore peace in the Country to avoid similar incidents in future? It’s time for us the youth to take a lead, said Danny Byod a youth activist.

Our fallen artists are the voices of peace, they thrive to unite people through their music and inspire people through their lifestyle. They have left us with unforgettable memories, they have a positive influence in the society, I still can’t believe that my brother Emma47 is gone just like that, John Mike a member of the Hip-Hop Revolution told Juba Monitor

Emma 47, I still can’t say anything about your death because I still feel you are still alive bro. I remember our promise of making changes in South Sudan music industry, but all of a sudden you left us, Rest in Peace Big Bro, Yuppie J posted on his Facebook wall.

“Passing on! Passing on!! Passing on!! Emma47, you left so soon. I pray that God will give your family, friends and fans the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Farewell brother, rest on in Zion,” Peter Anaetoh a Nigerian artist wrote on his wall.

To remember Emma47 is to remember Zol Batal Music, and to remember Zol Batal Entertainment is to understand and appreciate the life of a young man whose passion for entertainment and the South Sudan music industry surpasses his being.

I remember Emma47 as a friend, a brother and most importantly, a humble and well-calculated fellow. Emma47 is a great listener, and he values another person’s intellect or ideas, whether he agrees with them or not.

“I recall, the first time he broke into the industry in 2014, and I told him he embodied the spirit of an achiever… a few months later, the fans acknowledged him as the “Most Promising Artist” of the Year 2014, in our first ever music awards.

Despite taking a back-seat in 2015, Emma47 never saw any bitterness or hate towards others achieving what he could not. He featured in other people’s concerts, and advocated for other artists events.

He attended the launch of the awards in 2015, despite not being nominated, he was there to cheer his colleagues in the industry without reservations, and he rallied friends behind the MTN/Eye Radio Music Awards in 2016.

On such a day, I remember our first interview and how he said he acquired the name Emma, from his grandfather.

Emmanuel, as his grandfather would say, and as the Bible would say “God with us; was truly a Friend-For-All. He was always with us!

And as a lyrical messenger who once said in his song ‘Zol Batal’: “leave me alone, because I was born alone and I will die alone”….we tell Emma47, your spirit, voice and creativity will forever remain crafted into South Sudan Entertainment Industry.

“Our heartfelt condolence to the family and May God grant mercy upon his soul, till we meet again” Danis of Eye Radio

Emma47 whose real names are Mabor Abud Mathiang who rose to the music fame in 2014 survived by a daughter, the late is believed to have been born in 1993.

This is the second time that the music industry is losing young talented artist on the Nimule Highway. First, Lil Jay a former member of the Coozo’s clan was also shot on the Nimule road in July 2016.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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