Nimule residents worry over slow peace implementation process

By: Kabaka Quintous

Residents in South Sudan’s Nimule border town have expressed frustration over the slow implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS).

The locals spoke during the dissemination campaign of the chapter 1 and two on the RARCSS by Peace Link Organization, a local community-based organization in Torit state.

Pageri County Chief Ebelu John Alex says although there is peace implementation going on, citizens are still going to refugee camps through his town on daily basis.

“Our people are going outside the country for refuge and there is no disarmament taking place with a lot of fire arms in the hands of civilians, no freedom of movement as people are being killed in their gardens,”he said.

He added that some areas are not accessible because of fear of the arms in the hands of both army and civilians in town.

On the other hand, the women say they are tired of war because the leaders keep on pushing the implementation of the agreement. They said leaders should forgive themselves in honesty and sincerity.

Grace Keje Habi, a women’s leader in Nimule described the 2013, and 2016 wars to be worse than the liberation war that was led by Dr. John Garang decades ago.

“Am not getting the reality of this agreement, what they do is continuous extension yet we are here suffering with our children. I was born in fighting, I give birth to children in war and I will die in war why,” she decried.

“The fighting of Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar was worse than the war of liberation led by the late Dr. John Garang, they should change this,”said Keje.

Mary Yau another Nimule resident called for general forgiveness across the country.

“If there was a problem in my heart, or with my neighbors it is time for forgiveness. If there is food please let us learn to share and eat together”,Yau said.

Abraham Makur, a member of peace committee in Pageri County in Nimule town said the returnees are going back to refugee camps because of uncertainty and anxiety.

“What am seeing here in Nimule, returnees come back and after some days they go back to Uganda simply because there is no program specified for them”,says Abraham.

He said the government and opposition have not been putting focus on this though the voluntary repatriation is stated in the agreement; he called on the government and humanitarian actors to help the returnees.

Abraham added that the community doubted the leaders in implementing the agreement because of the outstanding issues that they have not made yet days are moving.

The Executive Director of Peace Link Foundation Okullu Charles said the citizens complained and expressed no hope because they did not understand the content of the agreement.

“The agreement is not fully understood at the grassroots level and that the Peace Link Foundation has taken that role to disseminate the revitalized agreement, especially chapter one and two even when the government of national unity is formed so that the community own the document with confidence,” he said.

The dissemination that took place at St. Francis Asisi Parish of Catholic Diocese of Torit in Nimule drew hundreds of women, youth, community leaders, including county authorities on Monday.

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