NIMULE-Over 500 trucks of goods stuck

By Okan Thomas Onyango

Over five hundred trucks of transit goods are stranded at the Nimule border due to a five-day power blackout at the custom office, an official reported.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, the chairperson of clearing and forwarding at Nimule, Daniel Deng Ayuen said that the power blackout at the custom clearance office has left almost five hundred trucks of goods stuck at the border since Friday last week.

“This is the fifth day (yesterday) without the power. This one here is slowing down our work and is really stressing us. The office cannot contain us for long because without the power, the air conditioners and the funs cannot operate,” Deng said.

“The consignments that come into the country before they proceed to Juba, have to be checked by the Custom clearance office which is facilitated by the clearance agents,” Deng added.

Deng appended that the number of trucks being released to Juba after clearance at the custom office have greatly reduced.

“We used to release over 300 trucks in a day but for the last three days, we have been releasing less than a hundred number of trucks because the work is very slow and other people are not in their offices and you cannot tell somebody to stay in the office without good ventilations and air conditioning,” he supplemented.

Deng said that the power blackout is affecting them in many ways especially the business people who are importing goods and services into the country.

“When goods and services enter Nimule, they end up spending more than three days which tends to raise the costs of the services at the border, and when this cost includes the parking fee which they charged per a day and it is the amount which leads traders to increase prices of goods and services in the market,” Deng added.

He further stated that there will be scarcity of certain consumable goods in Juba due to the slowness of releasing transit trucks at Nimule custom office. He also urged the government to intervene early enough to avoid further scarcity of goods and services in the country.

“There are some trucks that are being hired from their destinations to transport goods within specific days only, and when they end up spending more than those given days, then more fee are charged on them which later affect the business people.

“It will be very good if the government looks into this issue and solve it as soon as possible to avoid further scarcity of goods and services in the country,” he pressed.

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