Nimule Model, where the painful journey started

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Each and every human being has something to live for and if one was to be asked what it is that worry them the most, it is the fear of failure and a desire to be successful in life, school or in any area of life.

We all fancy good life all the luxuries that the world has to offer but the only sad part about attaining the life that radiate happiness is that it involves a lot of process and challenges that if you are not strong and patient enough, you will definitely fall off the wagon.

The world as it is today is but the result of men and women who out of discomfort challenged themselves and made the world what it is today.

In our life as long as we continue to live, we will meet challenges that will leave us with no option but to just press the defeat’s button.  It is true that in life if you want to be someone or your desire is to achieve success, you would be face with numerous problems that you can’t even explain.

Some will push you down, others will make you cry but all in all they will make you strong when you realize that they have once happened to someone who is now enjoying his/her life and also a great inspiration to the community.

I know that making it in life or examination is not easy but one thing that we should put in mind is that success in any area of life is a process that involves a lot of ups and downs, pains, hopelessness and long suffering.  It needs one to have confidence and patience. If you think that success comes on a silver platter, I’m sorry but call yourself unlucky. You are going to be abused, rejected and ridiculed by people if you failed to fulfill your obligations.

Your success is in your mind and arms, if you believe in supernatural forces or miracles, you will live to regret for the rest of your life. There is nowhere in this fragmented world though you are magician where you will receive miracles without you working for it. People make miracles by what they do.

So if you just remain down there because life has with a big blow hit you on the nose, you are going to remain there for the rest of your life because nobody is going to help you up.

You have to find every little strength you could ever muster, get yourself up and wipe your tears because the journey is long and life is a process that requires one to be strong even amidst the daunting difficulties.

We have won many battles from the time we first started but this one is going to be a breakthrough.  So, if you are one of the students who is going to sit for this year’s South Sudan Certificate of Education, you have to be encouraged that it is not going to be hard if you have confidence in yourself.

Don’t let the failures of long time ago hold you back; it is a part of life that people fail to learn. It is like falling down now and a little moment later you are up.  Life is not easy and that is a sad reality but you are lucky if you still light the candle to revise even when your stomach is rumbling at the emptiness.

What is there to stop you from achieving your goals if you can manage to get through the four painful years of high school life?  Do you know that there are young people who swayed off because of the challenges they met on their way.

You have endured at the time when you almost gave up. Reaching this destination means that you hold a golden future, remaining who you are in a world that is constantly trying to change you for the bad is one of the greatest achievements in life and congratulations you made it and you are going to even climb the other mountains if you still carry the same gumption with you.

I just want to assure you that even if you have tears in your eyes because you are afraid that your parents won’t be able to support you in the second journey, God will open doors for you because there is no way where you would do your best and God abandon you. God do not only help those who do not help themselves. He feels proud about you and he has designed a future for you that can never be altered by man or any supernatural force.

You deserve what is best in this life and the choice is yours; if you are a girl and you are thinking of marriage after your senior four examinations, you are wrong and you have to rid that poor idea off before it is too late and if it is very hard to get rid of that decision. Think of the reason why you first started and the pains you went through from primary to secondary only to fall off by the wayside. Remove the “mediocrity” from your vocabulary and work hard to achieve your goals.

Being a girl doesn’t mean that you should end up with a secondary school certificate, how can you settle for that “certificate”.  Or does this means that it is the reason why there is a huge education gap between girls and their male in Africa? It is true and parents must be educated that marrying off young girls or senior four graduates is a suicide that the natural justice would not condone.  Girl must climb the ladders with boys and we will have a balanced South in future.

Success to all the senior four candidates.

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