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Nimule border reopening a sigh of relief-citizens

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The South Sudanese living in Uganda have referred the border reopening to as a sigh of relief after fifteen days of standoff due to protests by truck drivers who claimed compensation for the lives of their deceased colleagues slain along Juba-Nimule highway and to be escorted for their safety and that of their property.

They appreciated the governments of the two countries for the positive development of resolving the issue which had nearly paralyzed the country with the skyrocketing commodity prices and shoot up in the exchange rate of the weakened Pounds against United States dollar.

Mborotini Mark Zaza, a student president of Azande Students’ Union in Uganda, and guildpresident of Uganda Catholic Management and Training Institute (UCMTI) described the border reopening as “a good gesture towardsthe right path of achieving a durable solution to control the safety of truck drivers and travelers between the twosisterly countries to resume their normal activities without fear of being attacked by bandits.”

Zaza called upon the government of South Sudan to secure highways by deploying security forces to patrol day and night to deny bandits a chance to disrupt peace and trade between the two countries.

“Reopening of the borders has put a smile on the faces of South Sudanese living in Uganda who believe in peaceful borders for traders and truck drivers to enjoy free and secure movement of their goods and delivering of services,” Zaza said.

Garang Achuil also encouraged business among thepeople of East African Countries. He thanked South Sudan government for taking up the responsibility of securing the Juba-Nimule highway as a fulfillment of East African Common Market and Trading.

“The citizens of East African regional bloc have to enjoy mutual peace for free movement of goods and services to neighboring countries which is a good philosophy for creating East Africanopen market for member states to trade together as one family,” said Achuil.

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